Print and Mail

Print & Mail Paper Statements

Outsource your document printing needs and save time as well as improve your bottom line expenses. With DocuTrust Services we can help you customize your statement design to create a more professional appearance to your customers. You are sure to achieve a great looking statement that will be put in front of your customers. Address standardization is also performed on all mailings to ensure the lowest possible postage rates.

DISCOVERY: We work with a wide range of clients- no volume too small or too large. We can set you up in a few minutes with a phone call or webinar. Our number is 1(877)553-3588.

SEAMLESS: Continue with your existing software to produce your statements and we show you how to save them to a wide variety of file types, instead of printing them in your office.

You then “drag and drop” the produced file to our secure compliant electronic portal. We institute the same secure connection as most financial institutions. 

Customization: You decide how you want your document to look; we will design it for you and will review with you, then make necessary revisions that you wish to have.

We can add custom logos, add shading and boxes, different fonts, rearrange the data, add bar codes and custom messages.

We can also create a custom electronic form overlay, you determine mailing inserts, return envelopes and more.

Online Statements

Our optional E-DELIVERY solution includes online statement viewing and printing. Your customer receives a custom email message alerting them of their available documents.
Secure electronic statement and bill presentment can provide convenience to your customer and securely deliver your statements or other documents electronically, thus saving on postage costs.
Emails are automatically sent, alerting your customer that a statement or document is ready for viewing. We offer email bounce tracking and reporting to help you provide a more accurate customer database.